Life Coaching

  • Approved Consultant in Hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

  • Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, more commonly know as ACT.

  • The desire to live your dreams, to find fulfilling work and play, and create meaningful relationship is a strong draw. But it's not uncommon to find yourself struggling with fears and procrastination along the way, facing doubts both internal and external. Sometimes even knowing which path to take can be confusing, sorting through the many options available. Having someone to share your journey, to help facilitate your growth, and allow you to discover for yourself the direction you want to go can often be the difference between longing for more or succeeding in attaining your dreams. As a coach, my passion is to help you uncover and pursue yours.

    My overall approach is based on the concept of mindfulness and acceptance, focusing on your future rather than your past.Through conversations, homework assignments and mindfulness exercises you'll begin to invest your energy into acting on what you value and in doing the things that make your life rich and meaningful. My approach is based on the principles of ACT and mindfulness. ACT is one of the so-called 'third generation' of behavioral approaches being researched and practiced all over the world today. ACT specifically focuses on learning to live life more in the present, turning your attention towards important values and goals, and away from unhelpful thoughts, feelings and experiences. It is not about overcoming pain or fighting emotions; it's about embracing life and feeling everything it has to offer. ACT offers a way forward by choosing to live a life based on what matters most.